Metals & Alloys
  • Iron oxide- iron ore pellets, both magnetite and hematite, are available packaged in 1nt supersacks. Dried, sized and bagged mill scale is also available as low cost substitute for natural iron oxide.

  • Manganese slag-low cost substitute for Mn ore. Sized 1/4’x down with min Mn of 28% and typical Mn of 33.5%.

  • Manganese Carbon melt alloy-35/35% Mn/C alloy for stable addition to the ladle furnace or EAF.  It has a high specific gravity and can be added directly to the steel bath .  High yield of alloys. Sizing 30-60mm. Packaging in water proof 1mt supersacks.

  • Reroll products –random length rail from 70lb (3.2kg) up to 131lb (59.4kg). Also looking for axles, billets and take-up rail jobs.

  • Silico Manganese-foundry grade alloy available with typical size of 4” to 8”. Packaged in pallet boxes or supersacks.

  • Mill scale-alloy free and alloy mill scale is available for sintering or briquetting plants.

  • Oil Filter Briquettes -85% metallic yield. Leaves no oil on ground when stored outside. Great chemistry. Low Mn and alloy free chemistry.

  • Carbon Electrode scrap-Clean graphite scrap or electrodes for crushing or machining shapes.

  • Coolant scrap-alloy free and low alloy cutoff scrap sized 4” x down.

  • Ductile Iron Scrap –Shredded clips with excellent chemistry to make ductile iron. Size is 2” to 8”.

  • Pit scrap-continuous generation of alloy free or low alloy steel pit scrap sized 6” to 3’ available to replace more expensive grades of scrap.

  • Blast furnace scrap-high metallic A and B iron scrap sized to your needs. Substitutes for expensive pig iron in EAF and pellets in BF.

  • Stainless scrap-400 series chrome and 300 series nickel grades are available in truckload quantities. 4100 and 4300 also available.

  • Tool steel scrap-Mi, M7, M42, D2 and H13 solid & turnings grades. Also 17/4 & 15/5 solid & turnings grades.

  • Turnings & borings scrap-clean, alloy free and high yield turnings available to replace high cost busheling and shredded scrap.

  • Manganese scrap-excellent source of Mn units for Mn bearing steel grades.

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